Designed for Version 1.0 Editor

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Teachable has, in the last several months rolled out their new Rich Text Editor (called v2.0) and as such the way these editors render code on your Teachable landing or sales page has changed. The old v1.0 editors used the Bootstrap Framework whilst the new v2.0 editors don't use that and rely on Flexbox and CSS grid to create the layout.

This may all sound complicated and I don't blame you for thinking that - just know that this version of the hero header is for older v1.0 editors that use Bootstrap and will not work properly if you create pages using the new v2.0 editors.

You can tell which version of the editor you are using by the menu on the left. If you see a menu on the left that you use to add new sections, then you are using v2.0 editor. On the other hand, v1.0 editors have the hover between blocks to show the pop-up context menu which has options to add new blocks/sections.

Since this is a free course it really doesn't matter if you get this in error but if you're not sure before purchasing one of my other sections/courses, please get in touch before you purchase.